Tenant Forms & FAQ

  • When is My Rent Due?

    Rent is due on the 1st of each month. A $30 late fee is applied if rent is received on or after the 6th of the month.

  • Can I Pay with a Credit Card?

    We do not offer the option of electronic payment with a credit or debit card. Rent is to be paid with secured funds, i.e. personal check, cashiers check, or money orders.

  • Do You Accept Pets?

    None of our apartments accept pets. Single family homes and condo units have specific pet policies and deposits that vary by property. It is up to the owner of the single family home, and according to the Rules and Regulations of the individual condo association. Details would be included in the advertisement of each property.

  • How do I Give My Notice to Vacate?

    Download Notice to Vacate Form


    Give 30 Days Notice

    Notice to Vacate must be given to WPM prior to the first of the
    month in which you are moving out, and always 30 days prior to
    the end of your lease.

    In Writing

    Notice must be given in writing. Complete the form below, print off,
    and sign. Please fax to 303.393.9503 or bring it into our office at
    280 S Madison St, Denver CO 80209

    & Schedule a Move-Out Inspection

    Tenant must schedule a Move-Out Inspection
    with WPM or the buildings’ resident manager.
    Please call 303.320.8517.

  • How Can I Apply for a City Parking Permit if I Need One?

    The following link will aid you in getting a city parking permit.

    Clcik here for a City Parking Permit


  • How Can I Pay or Contest a Parking Ticket if I Receive One?

    Click below to learn about parking tickets.

    Denver Parking Ticket Information


  • Where Can I See RTD Bus Schedules?

    Click below for the RTD bus schedules.

    RTD Bus Schedules
  • Where Can I Obtain a City Bike Map?

    Click below for a city bike map

    City Bike Map


  • Where Is My Local Library?

    Click below to find a library near you.

    Library Locations